Gingers ‘Top Tips’ For Staying Cool And Calm This Summer!

We know how important it is to have some “WooSah” when things get hot and workloads seem heavy, so we’ve put together a couple of our favourite things to help you chill out -either before a big event or post reflection.

Pimp Your H2O

Keeping yourself hydrated and encouraging your guests to keep the alcohol/water balance seems obvious but when there is so much going on around you it can easily be forgotten. ‘Help yourself’ Kilner jars on the bar side with infusions of Mint and Lime (the water Mojito) looks instantly refreshing and appealing and no need to queue to be served. The Water ‘Pimm’s’ with Strawberries, cucumber, Mint and Lemon looks beautiful and tastes glorious on a hot summers day.

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Love Where You Live

Be it a 10-minute walk to the nearest park, or a 20-minute drive to the nearest seaside, we are so lucky in the UK to have so much within our reach and really, we are utterly spoilt here in Hampshire for what we have in our area. We’ve been to so many locations recently that we are grateful to have been invited to. The most recent of Newhouse Estate, a privately owned stunning little wedding venue with a pond and beautiful gardens. It only takes 2 minutes to look around and smell the roses and appreciate what summer brings to light.

Private Venue Hampshire

Fresh Ingredients

The season of English fruit and Veg is just booming now and we whole-heartily believe in incorporating freshness into everything we do. We encourage you to use that £1.20 Basil on your kitchen windowsill that looks so pretty but honestly tastes even better added to a fresh tomato salad. And check the garden for herbs and flowers that can add excitement to your dishes.  Did you know you could eat those bright orange Nasturtium flowers? They make great decoration and we eat with our eyes! Or why not pay a visit to your local farm shop or market to see what amazing produce there is out there now. Food makes us happy J

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Stay Cool, Eat Ice Cream

Okay, it’s not for everyone – we know! But ice cream just puts a smile on our face. Again, we are lucky to have so many great ice creams made locally around us…… New Forest Ice Creams, Jude’s, just to name some and you may be able to dig out that old Christmas present and have a go at making it yourself. We recently served cupcakes and ice cream as a wedding dessert and served the ice cream in ice bowls to keep it fresh and melt free with an option of two flavours to enjoy. Matt (our Head Chef) makes a fabulous Raspberry Sorbet which is perfectly zingy, delicious, and hits the spot on a hot Summers day!

Wedding Caterers Berkshire

There you go, top tips from us at Ginger Catering Company on how to get your calm on this Summer. If you fancy big bowls bursting with vibrant salads, zingy slaws and fresh spices (and they are just the sides!), hearty foods to power you through the night and array of pop up bar refreshments tailored to your event – we are here to make it all happen!

Hi Spring, Bye Spring!

Wow! What a couple of fast flying months we’ve just experienced, we cannot believe that’s its now June and Summer is imminent. Do you want to know what’s been keeping the Ginger Catering bees so busy recently? Well here goes…


Firstly, We’re in! We have our brand spanking new HQ which has been fully kitted out and is now fully operational. Ginger Catering can now be found tucked away along the Waterside, in the pretty village of Hythe – we have beautiful sea views and the Seagull’s tunes. We’ve been working on this new space since January, we cannot say it was easy however hard work, vision and determination has meant that we were all settled in by April and it has been fantastic welcoming our clients to our new home.

What did we do in April? April kicked off with a lovely return visit to one of the private houses in Beaulieu for a Surf ‘N’ Turf style birthday celebration. Tim couldn’t have been any luckier with the weather which enabled us to have the dining table set up in their beautiful garden as we served the food and kept the wine flowing.


We were also blessed with another sunshine Spring day at the Minstead Lodge wedding showcase. We managed to meet plenty of budding newly engaged couples and had a chance to catch up with some of our favourite wedding suppliers.  In true Ginger style we fed our guests well with a selection of canapes…from Tempura Veg with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce, Tomato and Mozzarella Aranchini with Pesto Mayo and Mini Pavlova’s with Chantilly Cream and Homemade Honeycomb, all presented beautifully in our unique Ginger style.

A first for us was catering a Hen night with the theme of Murder Mystery, it started with Canapes and then a two course sit down meal with the entertainment of crime solving in between courses. A fun night was enjoyed by all and we managed to escape alive!


And how could we forget the first wedding of the year at Barford Park. We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of the beautiful Nicola and Ross’s day. The guests enjoyed a selection of Canapes, and then freshly baked bread with dips to start, all vegetarian mains followed with a choice of authentic Rotolo or a hearty Lasagne and the meal was finished with a selection of mini desserts – Chocolate Brownie, Crème Brulee and Eton Mess. We also provided a mini Meringue station with an array of rainbow coloured peaks and candy striped bags to pack them into. For more of the day check out this blog by their incredibly talented photographers Big Bouquet Photography.

May is for Meetings. We’ve been catching up with all the brides & grooms to be, finalising details and tasting menus. We’ve been invited back to corporate offices and prestigious clients to serve canapes and bubbly. We catered for a weekend of Stag celebrations at the stunning Somerley House and we’ve met with a number of exciting new contacts and friendly familiar faces – we can’t help but get excited when plans come together!

Southampton Caterers

As we step into the wedding season armed with fresh summer recipes bursting with flavour, colour and creativity, we have so much to look forward to with our Brides and Grooms. With themes such as ‘Moroccan’, ‘Woodland’ and ‘Peacock’ to think about the Ginger creative juices are constantly flowing. Our ethos is ‘Anything is Possible’ here at Ginger Catering, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss how we make your event one to remember!

The Smell of a Great Caterer

Wedding Caterers SouthamptonLast month Ginger were privileged to cater for a new car launch at two dealerships in Hampshire. We provided a selection of sumptuous canapes and soft, sparkling refreshments to the prospective customers interested in the newest, most technologically advanced, motor vehicles coming to market.

Whilst we were there, it got me thinking about how much of a role our senses play in making decisions in life. Quite often we think it’s our heart or our head making the call, but ultimately there are many physical and emotional stages that we each go through before finally take the plunge!

Take purchasing a new car for example……….

  1. Touch – The polished super shiny body work, the sumptuous, supple leather seats and the latest technically advanced gadgets – all the things that we would touch (and fiddle with!) on a new automobile.
  2. Hearing – How soft is the engine purring? How loud can the Bluetooth speakers go? Are the indicators silent or do they click-clack?
  3. Sight – Is the bodywork sleek, sexy and sophisticated, sporty or business-like? How about the colour – stand-out bright illuminous pink or subtle jet black? Alloy wheels or chrome exhaust?
  4. Smell – The smell of a new car is so utterly, wonderfully distinctive. Enough said.
  5. Taste – Now here comes the tricky one. OK, so you can’t taste a new car, but there is certainly something satisfying about having the latest, newest model on the road.

When it comes to catering for a function – we look to entice and excite all of the 5 senses to provide an all-encompassing experience. The most obvious of course being taste, the way each mouthful coats the mouth and sets your taste buds tingling…..This in turn sends messages to your brain of pure unadulterated joy!

Sight – We take great care in how we present our food and we think the ‘Ginger’ way is pretty special. We will always take on board the theme of a corporate event, wedding or party and adapt our versatile presentation to your own individual style. We add props and fresh foliage where we can – this ensures that the food becomes part of the entertainment and is a remembered feature of any event.

Smell – This is a biggie! Imagine the waft of freshly baked bread, spicy marinated aromatic lamb shoulder that has been slow cooking for hours or the zesty, zingy citrus fragrance of a lemon meringue pie. I’ll leave you with that thought.

Touch – Soft, flaky cod in a crispy beer batter, fleshy summer fruits and fresh vibrant salads, bouncy breads, wobbly, slippery jellies, or velvety smooth chocolate torte – our fingers are also the vital transport of food from plate to mouth……

And finally ‘hearing’ – Apart from the crunch of our sensational walnut shortbread (topped with whipped goats cheese and a beetroot jelly) and the delightful fun of a mouthful of chocolate popping candy, most of the ‘sound’ of our food comes from the great atmosphere and laughter generated from an event where customers are relaxed, safe in the knowledge that we have everything under control, and that their guests are happy and relaxed too.

We stand by the great quote ‘Laughter is brightest, where food is best’.

If you would like to find out more about the great service that we deliver as Hampshire and New Forest Caterers, we would be delighted to talk to you!

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We Are Going Totally Potty For Small Pots!

Here at Ginger HQ, we are going totally, madly potty for little pots and small plates!

This concept of sociable sharing food in smaller portions can either be served by our attentive waiting staff – carried on trays to be chosen and eaten by your guests whilst standing and chatting at parties or corporate functions – or displayed in bountiful measures on rustic tiers and shelves, to be devoured by guests like excited children in a pick’n’mix sweet shop!

Why settle for just one main meal? With this casual dining arrangement, 2-3 small plates equal a hearty main course, but with the benefit of flavour variety and taste combinations to appeal to all palettes. You really can have it all! Examples from our current menu include The Best Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Rendang and Hanger steak, Blue Cheese and Crispy Onions. Yum.

Capture1 Capture

The real fun comes with the puddings! Struggling to decide between a fruity number or decadent chocolate dessert? Don’t panic – have both! Here at Ginger we have a beautiful, rustic sideboard that can provide the perfect backdrop for displaying little portions of Eton Mess, Lemon Meringue Pie and Double Chocolate Mousse to name a few. Of course, the possibilities are endless. Have a favourite not on our menu? Leave it with us and we will create a dish especially for you. Weddings symbolise the love of two people for each other, so why shouldn’t the celebration include two, much loved desserts? No need to compromise here, in fact, go mad and choose a third! Why not score brownie points with the mother-in-law and choose her favourite too!? This arrangement means that there will be a sweet treat to suit everyone – we think it’s pure, culinary happiness in a pretty tasty little pot.


If you are interested in exploring this option further for your wedding or event, we would be delighted to discuss the options with you. We pride ourselves on not only offering the best catering service in Hampshire and the New Forest, but we go one step further by incorporating your themes and ideas into our presentation styles, to ensure everything for your wedding, party or event, is just right. Check out what our clients have said about us so far….

Wedding Trending 2017/18 and into 2019!

As always, we like to keep ahead of the game to try and prepare ourselves for the upcoming bride and grooms requests. So, we have done a little research which might also give you some inspiration if you are planning your 2017/18 wedding or beyond.

There are lots of ongoing trends which haven’t quite made the ‘out of season’ pile yet including the vintage look, shabby chic and the pastel parade. We think one of the main reasons for those still keeping their popularity is that they give you flexibility to add and remove details and put your own unique mark on the theme. We still love the elegance of an afternoon tea style wedding breakfast, tiers upon tiers of plates laden with scrummy sweet and savoury treats, mmm yes please!

During the research we were of course happy to see that “Creative Catering” appeared on the list of 2017/18 must haves. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but being innovative, adding theatre, surprise and impeccable taste is another day in the office at Ginger Catering. Creative catering keeps that wow factor going throughout your day, a meal not just for feeding, for the excitement of ‘what’s next’, for the turning heads and the moans and groans of mouthgasmic (yes – that’s definitely a word!) flavour.


Now we haven’t had the pleasure of attending one of these venues yet but we are intrigued and excited at the idea of “Industrial Luxe”. Think exposed copper piping, worked wooden features and naked light. We think this could be the upgrade from barn weddings, a little less country rustic and a little more rough and shine. Now also with this search we couldn’t find anything in Hampshire or our neighbouring south counties that had this edge, however please do let us know if you found one! And even better if you want us to cater for it too.

One thing we truly love at Ginger is COLOUR and we picked three colour pallets from the many popular ones currently out there we love and added some ideas of how to bring these to life-

Bronze + forest green +black

We’re thinking, personalised bronze wax stamp details like these ones you can find on ETSY Bringing the outside in, the colour of luck and new beginnings. Using ivy or fern as a table runner is plain, simple and beautiful and right on our doorstep here in the New Forest. A classic chalk board menu for your bar or table. Black is bold and works with almost any colour scheme.

Rust + Copper + Aqua

The seasons collide with this beautifully unique colour combination, I urge you to type these three into your search engine and be inspired by these happy, happy colours! They just really make us smile.


Cantaloupe + Honeydew + Pistachio

We might have chosen this one just because we can think of all the lovely food that would compliment this scheme but you can’t really blame us, I mean we are a catering company after all… For us these colours also make us think of summer, refreshing the senses and not being afraid to stand out and steer away from the traditional.

So there it is, a little insight to a couple of the trends that might inspire you in your wedding planning. And you never know, we might have picked one of these to showcase at our April showcase at Minstead lodge.

New Forest Catering Services – ‘Vintage Style’

tea-cake-standWhen couples contact us about their wedding catering, it’s refreshing that there is certainly no ‘One size that fits all’. Most brides have dreamt about their perfect wedding since childhood, planning their dress, colour scheme and of course, their ideal man! However, the choice of their wedding breakfast is probably not something they have put much thought into, until of course they come to choose their special venue and ultimately the style of wedding they wish to have.

We are finding that now, more than ever, wedding trends are playing a huge part in the choices that our couples make. With websites like, millions of beautiful ideas are available at the tap of a screen – no wonder every wedding feels unique!  One of the biggest trends continuing into 2017 is the ‘vintage theme’.  This can be carried right through from the choice of outfits, flowers, venue decor, transport and in particular, the style of food. Think cute bunting and tea lights, vintage lace and pastel posies.

To compliment the vintage theme, at Ginger catering, we can provide a beautiful afternoon tea style wedding breakfast, served on original vintage China (mismatched of course!) to include delicate cake stands, pretty, individual tea cups and saucers and traditional side plates.

Our team of chefs (who you will be reassured to know are not vintage!) will produce the most delicious home-made indthe sandwich theifividual pastries and savouries, to ensure the tea-stands are piled high with tasty treats. Alongside the savouries there will be a selection of finger sandwiches, made with the freshest of bre
ads and filled with the most decadent of meats, fish or specialist cheeses with the all- important accompaniments to ensure the most vibrant of flavours.

Then comes the best bit………the cake. Everyone loves a bit of cake, whether it be a freshly baked home-made fruit scone piled high with clotted cream and strawberry jam, or a succulent slice of moist carrot cake, topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting. Or how about a totally indulgent chocolate fudge cake… heaven. Our chefs literally bake the best cakes!

This style of vintage wedding particularly suits a barn, marquee or Private venue Hampshire and we are blessed that there are many venues where we can provide our New Forest catering services. We would be delighted to cater for your special day if you require Wedding Caterers Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex or Wedding Caterers Hampshire.

If you are planning your wedding, contact us today and we will ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams, whatever the style!