The ‘Ginger’ Guide To A Culinary Christmas!

IMG_1301It’s here! Its Christmas! It’s that very special time
When families and friends get together to dine,And Christmas Day really is the ‘lunch’ of the year…..and it fills most people with terrifying fear!
How long to cook the turkey? Will it dry out?What if my guests don’t like Brussel sprouts?So here is our guide, so you can prepare,To ensure you dazzle, with culinary flair!

To start – Sophisticated canapés, lining the way
With glasses of bubbly, after all it’s a special day!

IMG_1257Pigs in blankets, fluffy roasties, all cooked in goose fat,Stirring the rich gravy (add the meat juices), in your designer paper hat!
Honey glazed parsnips, buttered carrots and peas,Enough for seconds? Oh go on then…yes please!
Followed by dessert after dessert of sweet mini pots,Christmas cocktails and a few naughty shots,A rich glass of port and a huge board of cheese,

Chocolate mints, petit fours, posh coffees and teas. For the evening, a decadent buffet, a feast before the eyes Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and not forgetting, mince pies!Sweets and chocolates, bowls of nibbles and nutsPork pies, quiche and hams – of all different cuts,So sit back, relax, it will all be fine…..everyone will love it, after a few glasses of wine!


Food makes us happy, and that’s why we’re here….At Ginger we all love Christmas – it’s that crazy time of year!



What It Means To Us To Win The Hampshire Wedding Suppliers Award For Best Wedding Caterers 2017……….

Overwhelmed, Ecstatic andThankful. And that’s one roller-coaster of emotions for one Friday night to take in so quickly! We had an absolutely wonderful evening at the awards ceremony, it was such a great way to reflect on the year so far by meeting up with some of the fantastic suppliers we’ve had the pleasure of working with. And even better to see everyone get the recognition they deserve for the hard work and dedication to their business – we were all truly winners.
Party Caterers Southampton“A company that shows so much love what they do, it’s clear that they are achieving great things, their images made our mouths water….”

As you already may know, Ginger are the new kids on the block, having only been created in  April 2016. To be acknowledged this early on our journey means the world to us and gives us the confidence that we are moving in the right direction. Obtaining this award has set in stone the standards we uphold of quite simply, fantastic catering and service.

Wedding Caterers Southampton

We had the pleasure of sharing tables with Simon Clarke DJ (, Kimberley Garrod Photography( and Carol from Laurel Designs ( we cannot recommend their businesses or thank them enough for sharing this journey with us. There is a network of brilliant wedding suppliers out there who are dedicated to making sure your day goes beyond your expectations. We would always recommend someone if we feel they would be right for you and your wedding day.

We are already so excited for 2018, we will be revisiting some of our favourite venues and going in as fresh faces to some new. However,it’s not over yet, we are also Regional Finalists for the 2018 Wedding Industry Awards. We feel honestly blessed with the responses from our 2017 couples, we loved working every single one. 2017 really has been a year of celebration and amazing parties and we are so happy to have been apart of them.

A massive thank you again to everyone who has been with us along the Ginger Road so far.

With much love, Hampshire’s Best Wedding Caterers 2017, Ginger Catering Company x

Gingers ‘Top Tips’ For Staying Cool And Calm This Summer!

We know how important it is to have some “WooSah” when things get hot and workloads seem heavy, so we’ve put together a couple of our favourite things to help you chill out -either before a big event or post reflection.

Pimp Your H2O

Keeping yourself hydrated and encouraging your guests to keep the alcohol/water balance seems obvious but when there is so much going on around you it can easily be forgotten. ‘Help yourself’ Kilner jars on the bar side with infusions of Mint and Lime (the water Mojito) looks instantly refreshing and appealing and no need to queue to be served. The Water ‘Pimm’s’ with Strawberries, cucumber, Mint and Lemon looks beautiful and tastes glorious on a hot summers day.

Caterers Hampshire

Love Where You Live

Be it a 10-minute walk to the nearest park, or a 20-minute drive to the nearest seaside, we are so lucky in the UK to have so much within our reach and really, we are utterly spoilt here in Hampshire for what we have in our area. We’ve been to so many locations recently that we are grateful to have been invited to. The most recent of Newhouse Estate, a privately owned stunning little wedding venue with a pond and beautiful gardens. It only takes 2 minutes to look around and smell the roses and appreciate what summer brings to light.

Private Venue Hampshire

Fresh Ingredients

The season of English fruit and Veg is just booming now and we whole-heartily believe in incorporating freshness into everything we do. We encourage you to use that £1.20 Basil on your kitchen windowsill that looks so pretty but honestly tastes even better added to a fresh tomato salad. And check the garden for herbs and flowers that can add excitement to your dishes.  Did you know you could eat those bright orange Nasturtium flowers? They make great decoration and we eat with our eyes! Or why not pay a visit to your local farm shop or market to see what amazing produce there is out there now. Food makes us happy J

Southampton Caterers

Stay Cool, Eat Ice Cream

Okay, it’s not for everyone – we know! But ice cream just puts a smile on our face. Again, we are lucky to have so many great ice creams made locally around us…… New Forest Ice Creams, Jude’s, just to name some and you may be able to dig out that old Christmas present and have a go at making it yourself. We recently served cupcakes and ice cream as a wedding dessert and served the ice cream in ice bowls to keep it fresh and melt free with an option of two flavours to enjoy. Matt (our Head Chef) makes a fabulous Raspberry Sorbet which is perfectly zingy, delicious, and hits the spot on a hot Summers day!

Wedding Caterers Berkshire

There you go, top tips from us at Ginger Catering Company on how to get your calm on this Summer. If you fancy big bowls bursting with vibrant salads, zingy slaws and fresh spices (and they are just the sides!), hearty foods to power you through the night and array of pop up bar refreshments tailored to your event – we are here to make it all happen!

Are You Planning a Pre-Hen/Stag Do, End of Dry January Celebration? Well Hopefully This Will Help!

At Ginger Catering, we love to make you smile, and with this cheeky offer, we are going the extra mile!
We wish we could give you, your journey for free, But the best we can do is start with a ‘G’
We’ll save you some pennies, we’re not going to lie….
So the next letter you need is definitely an ‘I’ You might be on a bender or planning bed by 10, and to help get you home quicker,
the next letter is an ‘N’ Perhaps out dancing or dinner at West Quay,  The next part of the code, is the awesome letter ‘G’!
We like to make people happy and it’s really plain to see
That the next letter in the sequence, is a cheeky letter ‘E’
If you’ve attended a Ginger function, we hope you liked our bar?
Which takes us to our next letter, a rather lovely ‘R’
So a discount on your journey, a saving on the fee….
We are really rather generous, by giving you a ‘C’
So what do you think about Ginger? We’d really like to know!
And to say a great big ‘Thank you’ the last letter is an ‘O’!
Maksouthampton-catererssouthampton-catererse the most of Happy Hours now that dry January is finally
Having a ‘Pre-hen-doo’ use our code and get £15 off off your Uber ride home

If new to Uber downlUberoad the app and sign up with the promo code: GINGERCO to receive up to £15 off of your first ride.

(code valid until Feb ’18)





Minstead Lodge Wedding Venue New Forest National Park


Early in the Spring as the buds were just starting to come into blossom we met with the lovely Dawn and Liz at Minstead Lodge to discuss the potential opportunity of working together and making use of the lovely grounds of the Lodge to help generate funds for the Trust. Now that the leaves have changed to vibrant yellows and deep reds we can reflect on successfully holding their first Wedding Showcase back at the beginning of October.  We are now looking forward to the Spring Wedding Showcase on the 2nd April and the first wedding at the venue in Summer ’17.

It’s so lovely for us to be able to offer the grounds of the lodge to brides and grooms for their special day but the reasons for this opportunity is due to a decrease in government funding. By choosing Minstead Lodge as your wedding venue you will not only receive an exceptional level of service, you will also be generating funds to help keep Minstead Trust operating and helping so many people who, without the help and support wouldn’t have the chance to live independently.

Minstead Trust is a social enterprise that supports people with learning disabilities and autism, who want to develop and maintain their skills for life, skills for work, better health and wellbeing.

They also offer support for the individuals who want to move away from home for the first time, by supported them in their own home or in a house with other people.

Today we were invited to attend the open AGM of the trust to hear about all of the new ways in which the trust is expanding. 3 months ago they launched two new venues in Portsmouth to help adults in the local area become more independent. These venues have come a long way in such a short space of time and have received glowing audits from the Portsmouth council.

The aim of the social enterprises at the main base of Minstead Lodge is to enable the students to have jobs within the maintenance and upkeep of the beautiful Furzey Gardens, the wood work team with their production of items to be sold at craft fayres as well as their new online shop and also within the lodge itself by providing hospitality services for conferencing day delegates and for the future, even catering for their own wedding receptions.

We need to raise awareness for those who live more challenging lives and rely on the support from the local community and volunteers to be independent, who take pride in the challenges they face and overcome when doing something most of us would find a mundane daily chore. We must give thanks for what we have and give back where we can.

We will soon have photos of this charming venue in all of its wedding glory in the meantime please visit our facebook page for some sneaky peeks of the wedding showcase at the beginning of the month and for inquiries and to view the new Minstead Trust website visit

Ginger at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce


Hampshire member

We are delighted to be the new member of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and are looking forward to the forthcoming networking and exhibiting events at some prestigious venues in Southampton and Portsmouth.

We are also in the early stages of planning a Wedding Show Case at a New Wedding Venue in the New Forest amongst the calming big trees and the opportunity for Bride’s and Grooms to have their intimate photos taken in their private gardens. More details to follow and information of this venue is available on our facebook page.

Thursday 7th July 2016, It’s National Chocolate Day!

So while you’re indulging in our all time guilty pleasure here are some facts to keep your mind active:

The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation

It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 gr.) of chocolate.

Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third.

White Chocolate isn’t technically Chocolate, as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor

FullSizeRender.jpg2 Ginger box ooooo chocolate mousse 12494844_981099758594425_1172484044662888518_n 12439030_980921005278967_7466264111346577592_n

Stunning New Wedding Venue in the New Forest

We have the delightful pleasure of announcing the use of the grounds at Minstead Lodge, a charming marquee venue in the Heart of the New Forest.

Minstead Lodge is situated just off the M27, conveniently located for local churches and registry ceremonies and set amongst the beautiful greenery of the Forest on the outskirts of Minstead Village. The grounds of the Lodge provide the perfect setting for your wedding reception, private party or celebrations.

Minstead Lodge is a social enterprise, which helps to fund the work of the Minstead Training Trust, a charity based at the Lodge, which supports people with learning disabilities to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. By choosing Minstead Lodge, you are making a real difference to someone’s life.

This beautifully versatile venue has ample car parking with picturesque land surrounding the marquee, allowing you plenty of room to incorporate your theme, use for activities or simply take in the calming majestic location. Newlyweds may also have access to the private grounds of the Lodge for more intimate photographs.

The New Forest is a magical backdrop for your wedding and whether you live in the New Forest or further afield this is the ideal location for the reception of your special day


Weddings = Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… But maybe your star sign can help?

As we welcome Wedding Season it seems there’s a lot to consider for you and your partner’s perfect day. While researching trends, as we like to keep up to speed, we came across this interesting article… I have certainly found some truth in it 🙂

‘Even if you openly scoff at the notion of star signs and their ability to predict your personality, you can’t deny that they’re often surprisingly accurate.

We’re talking about the astrological elements of air, fire, wind and water and what it means to be born under their influences.

And if you’re someone who takes this quite seriously – turning to it for life, love and career guidance – wouldn’t it make sense to apply it to planning the most important day of your life?

According to, here’s what your star sign says about the type of wedding you should have:

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The Aquarius bride has a no-frills approach to the wedding day – and that’s not just the dress! While it’s all very well to just want a simple ceremony, talk to your groom and bridesmaids to add little touches that will make it unique and special to you both.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The Pisces bride is queen of the feelings! You’re super-emotional about your big day and are all about the nostalgia. You’ll probably have the wedding in your hometown, get ready in your childhood bedroom and cry buckets of tears when your dad walks you up the aisle. Embrace the joy of the day but also, make sure to invest in a good waterproof mascara!

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

The Aries bride is feisty, stubborn and likes to be in control. As one of the Fire signs you don’t want to just go with the flow. You don’t want to do what everyone else has done – you’re all about individuality and drama.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

The Taurus bride falls into the Earth category and loves adventure and open spaces. You want to hear everyone’s opinion but that can lead to indecision on your part. Keep your colour palette soft and natural in keeping with your love of the outdoors and hire a wedding planner to make any decisions you’re struggling with.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

The Gemini bride is all about positivity and keeping love at the heart of the wedding planning. You want the day to be as relaxed and fun as possible which is why you’re prepared to travel to keep both sides of the family happy. Less stress, more success is the name of your game!

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

The Cancer bride wants to be a part of every single bit of the wedding process. You’re gung-ho for arts and crafts, personalised signs, family traditions – the works! Just remember to take some time out and relax as well, ok?

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

The Leo bride wants a wedding that’s all about family. You know it’s not just about you and your fiance and see the day as the ultimate family get-together. You’d be perfectly happy to get married in a marquee in your parent’s back garden and prefer the idea of an intimate group to a massive crowd.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

The Virgo bride is looking for perfection. You want a stunning gown that will make people’s jaws drops. Attention to detail is your modus operandi. You’re not comfortable leaving things to chance so you’d never go for an outdoor wedding.

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

The Libra bride wants the fairytale. In your mind, you’re a princess about to get the day you’ve always dreamed of and nothing but the best will suffice. Feel free to indulge your inner romantic with blush tones and luxurious lace but add a few surprising touches here and there to give it a bit of edge!

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The Scorpio bride wants to be the centre of attention. You’re not going to be happy unless guests leave that place saying it was the best wedding they ever attended! You’ll plan everything to the last detail and ensure plenty of dramatic visuals to wow everyone there!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

As another Fire sign, the Sagittarius bride is wildly excited and can’t wait for the big day. However, you get bored easily so it’s crucial in the buildup so have as much help organising things as you can get. You’ll stay calm by delegating jobs to various people and keeping the tone relaxed and fun instead of formal.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

The Capricorn bride is down to earth – no surprises given it’s one of the Earth signs! You don’t crave the spotlight and are happy to organise everything in a calm and focused manner. You’re all about the food and making sure everyone is having a good time on your big day.

How does it sound to you?

Wedding Barns in Hampshire – external caterers


We have had the pleasure of visiting some great new (more info coming soon) and ever popular venues recently. These two Beautiful Barns in Hampshire and the surrounding counties are looking great and we are looking forward to being part of their transformation for some special couples big days!

Barford Park

Great Barn Titchfield

Barns can provide a magical setting for the Bride and Groom looking for a wedding venue that oozes country charm.

Many barns have been lovingly restored back to their former glory, they are full of character and usually have the original aged timber framework with convenient hooks for hanging! The high vaulted ceilings and charming irregular floorboards create a unique space that can be beautifully decorated to compliment your colours and theme.


We can customise your menu and the way the food is presented to suit your style, be it in a barn or on the beach!